RedDot observations 09 April 2007

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2007 - 08:14:35 EDT

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    Subject:  "Red Dot" Observations in the Southern Hemisphere
    This is part of the Southern hemisphere geostationary flare
    program of Jeff Umbarger. His assistance and advice has
    been invaluable as well as the contributions from Bjorn Gimle
    and Rod Austin. I propose to observe every night until the
    "flare" season has passed.
    Equipment: CoSaTrak 1 200mm f/3.5.8 lens with MINTRON
    surveillance camera integrating for 128 frames (=2.56s
    exposure). Mount tracking on shadow entry point ( approx
    RA12h50m Dec +05deg. Field of view of camera 1.76 x 1.39
    degrees, star limit magnitude approx +12.5 mag.
    09 April 2007
    SatName       Cat No. Time(UT)    RA (J2000) Dec    Notes
    ------------ ------- --------- -------------------- -----        
    LMI 1         #25924 18h45m57s 13h21m43s +05d09'45"
    Kalpana 1     #27525 18h50m10s 13h21m57s +05d12'50"  
    Insat 3C      #27298 18h51m07s 13h22m48s +05d14'46"
    Intelsat 4    #23636 18h58m45s 13h21m50s +05d11'31"
    Eutelsat W5   #27554 19h04m45s 13h21m46s +05d11'16"
    Rather thick cirrus which made timings of some satellites
    impossible. Eventually clouded out completely. I think the
    ones reported above are okay.
    Do not expect to be able to observe 10th April due to cloud
    and rain is predicted for tomorrow evening so things not
    too hopeful at the moment.
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