Directv 2 geo sat flare

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Apr 08 2007 - 06:48:02 EDT

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    Directv 2 ( 25740 ) was in the 8 to 9th magnitude range, after it came out of shadow. I could only spot the geo sat, on the tv, between 6:25 to 6:29 UTC. After which it was way to faint to see. I wasn't using the scope, so I couldn't see as faint. Just using the camera lens.
    it seemed brightest was around 6:27 UTC ( Apr 8 )
    Except for the Boeing HS702 with solar concentractors, no other geo sat detected, for the short time I was observing the geo sat's coming out of shadow. The boeing HS702 with solar concentractors, where around mag 9 after coming out of shadow. Be nice to observe them later, when the umbral shadow is out of the way, to see how bright they get at flare time.
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