Re: Cosmos 382

From: David Anderman (
Date: Sun Apr 01 2007 - 16:05:40 EDT

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    Of course, we won't know for sure unless and until someone snaps a 
    good photo of Cosmos 382 via their telescope (hint, hint).
    At 11:12 AM 3/29/2007, Chris Jones wrote:
    >According to, it's a 
    >of what would have been the lunar orbiter, not the lander.  Its mission as
    >flown on Kosmos 382 was to check out the lunar landing flight 
    >profile of the Blok D
    >stage, albeit in earth (rather than lunar) orbit, and launched by a 
    >Proton (rather
    >than an N-1).
    >That link has a picture, for what it's worth.
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