Success - test of recording using my computer

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2006 - 06:51:59 EDT

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    Mission success:)
    I let my computer record for over 5 hours straight this morning. Oh well so what if it used up
    over 32 GB of hard drive, I got lots left.
    I recorded the video in a format that's only available on ati video cards. It's a format developed
    by ati.  I can convert it to MPEG if needed. Anyways in the format I used, I was able to record
    and then play back the video, without my system crashing. If needed I could set up the software to
    record in blocks of say 1 hour. 
    I do notice the video seems brighter, then what I was viewing live on the computer monitor. No Big
    deal, it's just a setting somewhere I need to fool around with. All I know is this method apprears
    so far to work nicely.
    While watching the video, 2 satellites passed through the feild of view, ie noss:) Totally
    unplanned for, so just pure luck.
    Perfect, means I can record video, when at work, and don't have to change dvd disc's now. No more
    wasted clear nights being at work.
    Oh such a happpy sat observer.
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