Decay alert : 29058 Object B

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 14:15:25 EDT

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    Prospects appear to be high for daylight passes of  29058 2006-13B Object B 
    at or near decay in this region.
    It is the rocket body from the latest Progress mission just docked, so 
    presumably could be described as a Soyuz R/B.and of course has a 51.6 degree 
    There is  an illuminated dawn pass in shortly at 1843Z and conditions here 
    are good but with some adjacent cloud which may spread (hoping not!) 
    Unfortunately this may be too short notice for NZ observers, apologies that 
    I was not convenient to post anything earlier.
    One of the most likely daylight near decay passes is currently predicted at 
    2318Z which is too low for me to observe owing to hills but should be 
    favourable for the South Island.
    The next pass if still in orbit is about 0051Z and is predicted around 40 
    degrees elevation ,  conveniently at a time when observers may be able to 
    see it in their lunchbreak from work in New Zealand :-)
    Earlier daylight passes are at 2014 and 2147, the latter too low here but 
    definitely  worth checking on  in the South (refer SpaceTrack for more 
    The above of course assumes an uncontrolled re-entry but even if controlled 
    decay in the South Pacific would seem to be a possibility.
    New Zealand
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