Re: Help with KT&C CCD camera

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2006 - 05:21:42 EDT

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    --- "Shoemaker, Michael A" <> wrote:
    > When I point to some stars, say, and view the video feed on
    > my TV set, the image of the bright stars looks very bright, but it's
    > almost as if they overwhelm any surrounding stars.  I thought a "low
    > light" camera like this would be able to make out much dimmer stars as
    > well, or at least stars with magnitude comparable to what I can see with
    > the eye piece.  
    Low light camera, means the ccd sensor wil pick up fainter light, then other ccd sensors.
    What the ccd sensor see's, and what your eye sees, are different. So don't expect to get a view of
    like you expect with your eye. The ccd sensor picks up infrared light, where you eye doesn't very
    well. So if your in a dark room, lit my infrared light, then to the camera the room appears
    bright, but to your eye you can't see the room. 
    > Does anyone know what the Auto Iris Lens connector does on the back of
    > this particular (or similar) camera?  
    That's for use with a camera lens, that the aperature is adjusted automatically by the camera. So
    you need a special lens. I use a manual focus lens, so that option is useless to me.
    What about that little "CC Level"
    I think it means Contrast control. Contrast is the difference in visual properties that makes an
    object  distinguishable from other objects and the background.
    I would say leave it alone. 
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