Help with KT&C CCD camera

From: Shoemaker, Michael A (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2006 - 01:26:37 EDT

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    I hope no one considers this off topic, but I was hoping someone would
    be able to give me some advice about my recently acquired KT&C-350BH CCD
    video camera.  I know some people who contribute to this forum use this
    or similar cameras for their visual satellite observations.  I'm trying
    to do the same, but I don't fully understand the camera functions, and
    the instruction manual was not very helpful.  Keep in mind I'm not an
    electronics wiz by a long shot...
    First of all, I'm connecting the camera to my StarMax 90 mm EQ Orion
    telescope.  When I point to some stars, say, and view the video feed on
    my TV set, the image of the bright stars looks very bright, but it's
    almost as if they overwhelm any surrounding stars.  I thought a "low
    light" camera like this would be able to make out much dimmer stars as
    well, or at least stars with magnitude comparable to what I can see with
    the eye piece.  
    Does anyone know what the Auto Iris Lens connector does on the back of
    this particular (or similar) camera?  What about that little "CC Level"
    screw in the back?  The thought of having to solder cables to the back
    of my brand new $200 camera scares the crap out of me...
    Any advice for a novice like myself?  Maybe "CCD cameras for dummies"?
    Thanks a bunch!
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