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From: Bruce MacDonald (
Date: Mon Apr 17 2006 - 18:14:38 EDT

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    > Cool.
    > When I was stationed in the UK, we used to see the Canberra flying around.
    >  I was at a Recce base with RF4Cs.  The British were using their AC for
    > recon also.
    > I think the recce version for the US was an RB-57
    Indeed, the WB-57 is a variant of the old English Electric (then BAC)
    Canberra.  This aircraft is just about to leave Royal Air Force service
    after over 50 years; the training version has already been phased out,
    leaving only the photo-recce PR Mk. 9 left to soldier on.
    And now back to on-topic postings.
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