1st post. NOSS sighting? Melbourne Australia

From: nick kennedy (tigernicko@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 06:25:18 EDT

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    My name is Nick from Melbourne, Australia.
    Sorry, but I'm an utter layperson when it comes to viewing satellites - I've 
    joined Chris Peats Heavens Above site and enjoy casually observing the ISS 
    and other satellites when weather permits downunder.
    Last night (11 April) myself and a brother were watching the ISS pass over 
    our city from west to east at approx 6.47pm EST Aust. Spectacularly bright 
    at -0.5 magnitude in cloudless sky. I don't know how to get our exact 
    co-ordinates of Melbourne?
    At the exact same time (6.47pm) we suddenly noticed to the north (approx 60 
    degrees from zenith) of our location 2 bright satellites travelling together 
    on top of each other - both easily as bright as the ISS (approx -1.0 
    manitude??). We viewed both satellites for 30 seconds heading towards north 
    / north east. They slowly dimmed out of view.
    Chris Peats website didn't have the satellites listed. From your website it 
    appears we may have spotted a NOSS?
    Does this conclusion sound right?
    Nick Kennedy
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