Questions from a newcomer

From: Pete Brittain (
Date: Sun Apr 09 2006 - 13:19:00 EDT

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    Subject: Questions from a newcomer
    I hope I'm following the protocol with this email, so forgive me if I'm 
    off base. I'm a astronomy buff and have recently become a
    satellite buff, sometimes following the ISS with my  telescope, using 
    the Nova satellite tracking software. I live in Sandpoint,
    Idaho, not the best place for telescope work in the Winter and Spring 
    months. If you could answer a couple of questions, I will be
    grateful. I'm particularly interested in tracking spy satellites, US, 
    Russian and Chinese. I tried to enter some of the names I came up
    with in my search, but could get no information on any of them...other 
    than the French Helios 2A.
    1. Can you provide me with some names of spy satellites and the 
    Keplers...or what is needed to enter into the Nova so I can be ready
        to see them as they come my way?
    2. Does anyone use Nova to track spy satellites? If Nova is not the 
    software to use, what do you recommend?  Although I haven't done
        it, apparently, one can enter the Keplers and additional information 
    into the software.
    Thanks for any advice/help you can give me. I think this is a 
    fascinating and educational avocation.
    Pete Brittain
    Sandpoint, Idaho
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