Space junk or meteor?

From: Jim (
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 15:18:03 EDT

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    I'm a bit late but maybe someone can still identify this.
    I was sitting outside with a friend and saw a bright streak through the
    clouds. My first guess was a fireball due to it's brightness but I've
    heard nothing about it from any source.
    I would guess a magnitude of -5 through the clouds.
    Our co-ordinates were 40.8N, 81.5W with an elevation of 320 m.
    The incident occured at 22:01 EDT on Saturday 17 April 2004.
    It appeared around 60° above 10° and moved to 15° above 355° in
    less than 5 seconds.
    Anyone care to guess?
    Jim Prather
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