Update on near-GSO flasher #20168

From: Michael Waterman (mike.waterman@web-hq.com)
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 14:48:43 EDT

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    Update on #20168 = 89062A = TV-sat 2
    This was discovered 2004 March 23, but is moving slowly
    westwards, and is now rather low in the sky from Europe.
    It is becoming visible from eastern America, and I am hoping
    that some American obervers can see it. With more observations
    I hope to find its spin axis.
    The flash period in early April was 119.23s, increasing at
    about 0.01s per day. Unusually there are two flashes in
    most periods, they are 4.7s apart. Maximum mag is about 5.
    It is visible for about 20 minutes per night.
    On April 8 it flashed between RA 1028 and RA 1048 (hhmm),
    and this was increasing about 4.3min RA per night.
    Predicted April 20   RA 1120 to 1140
              April 30      1203 to 1223
              May 10        1246 to 1306
    Before and after the period when two flashes per period are seen 
    there are about 2 periods when only one flash is seen.
    I would like the following info if possible, either to seesat or 
    directly to me:
    The time (to nearest minute) when the first pair of flashes is seen.
    The time (to nearest minute) when the last pair of flashes is seen.
    Lat & Long of observer (to nearest degree is ok)
    Once a week would be nice.
    Mike Waterman   mike.waterman@web-hq.com 
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