BeppoSax decayed - A post mortem Analysis

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Wed Apr 30 2003 - 11:42:00 EDT

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    1996-027A (#23857) BeppoSax
    SCC'S FINAL REPORT -prepared April 29, 22:47 UTC - showed the
    decay on
    29 April, 22:01 UTC +/- 07 minutes.( 4.0N, 230.0E)
    ascending over the Pacific.
    My final analysis with MPM+REENTRY based on the ELSETs
    03119.297... - 02119.786... with the density model NRLMSISE-00,
    SFX 155 and the complex development of Ap over the last 12 hours shows the decay on
    29 April, 22:12 +/- 11 minutes.(03.96 N, 258.20E)
    descending also over the Pacific.
    Remarks: Our long range prediction forecasts - well tested
    on Starshine 2 and 3 in cooperation with the US Naval Space Command -  showed already 4 weeks ago a very realistic decay
    date: 29 April.
    BeppoSax was a somewhat difficult but interesting decayer 
    with a very pronounced semi-periodic variation of the
    ballistic coefficient....
    Harro Zimmer
    Berlin, Germany
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