Re: 2 MDS 1 Fairing sats

From: Michael McCants (
Date: Tue Apr 29 2003 - 17:23:50 EDT

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    Mark Hanning-Lee posted:
    >Using mccants.tle, I have seen several predictions of
    >negative-magnitude passes for the two MDS 1 Fairing
    >objects, but have never seen them in skies of limiting
    >magnitude 3.
    >The elsets for 90012 MDS 1 Fairing2 are stale, late
    Yes, it's probably an hour or two late I would guess.
    >27369 MDS 1 Fairing1 has current elsets, so why am I
    >not seeing 27369 MDS 1 Fairing1? Is the standard
    >magnitude too bright and should it be revised?
    Yes and no.  I did see flashes to about 0 or -1 on a favorable
    pass at a range of about 600 miles recently.  But these flashes
    occurred only every 8 seconds.  In between flashes both were about
    4 or 5 magnitude fainter last summer.  So I changed the intrinsic
    magnitude fainter by 4.5 magnitudes.
    I also changed the IGS Fairings to be one magnitude fainter,
    but several observers have reported very bright flashes
    from them.
    Mike McCants
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