Re: ISS Lunar transit in daylight.

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 17:04:05 EDT

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    From my location at this time of the day on April 30, i.e. midafternoon, the
    moon is only going to be about 11 degrees from the sun. That makes it
    invisible in daylight. Almost a new moon.
    Therefore you should not see the station cross a lit moon anyway. Even so
    the sky in that area is going to be far brighter than the station.
    Tom  Iowa  USA
    P.S. Filters don't darken the sky preferably (at least not much) when the
    sky you are looking at is that close to the sun. The sky is pretty white at
    that angle.
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    Subject: ISS Lunar transit in daylight.
    > Hi all,
    > I'm due a daylight lunar transit by ISS in a couple of days time and
    > to a change of orbit , bad weather , etc etc , want to try and grab some
    > images.
    > There are a number of problems involved , least of all the fact that it
    > happens mid morning.
    > I'll be using an 8 inch scope / webcam  with focal reducer  and wondered
    > anyone on the list had ever attempted to capture this type of daylight
    > ?
    > The odds are stacked against getting anything on video , but I think its
    > worth a go.
    > The next day , I'm also due a solar I suppose theres always
    > 50/50 chance :O)
    > I'd appreciate any tips .
    > Thanks,
    > john.
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