Re: ISS Lunar transit in daylight.

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 13:10:41 EDT

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    I have no experience yet, but I intend to get it when my ordered 8" LXD55
    (and I have only a freeware webcam as yet). With this aperture and
    (reasonable) magnification, the light/pixel of ISS is much more than Venus,
    which is visible in daytime when you look at the right place.
    The AutoStar should help me find bright satellites anywhere, but in this
    case the Moon is an even better reference.
    With some luck, you might have a (bright) star appulse in daytime to test
    on - SkyMap can help you find it.
    > I'm due a daylight lunar transit by ISS in a couple of days time and
    > to a change of orbit , bad weather , etc etc , want to try and grab some
    > images.
    > I'll be using an 8 inch scope / webcam  with focal reducer  and wondered
    > anyone on the list had ever attempted to capture this type of daylight
    > ?
    > The odds are stacked against getting anything on video , but I think its
    > worth a go.
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