Re: Possible flashes from ISS/Soyuz?

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Mon Apr 28 2003 - 03:17:35 EDT

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    I think I have a partial answer- there was no response to my earlier query
    concerning the implications of docking on Progress but it appears from info
    I just received that it is part of the ISS complex.  I guess  people may
    take this for granted but I am learning and if I don't get a reply to what
    may seem a silly question we novices don't know any better!
    I would still appreciate some confirmation of the likelihood of it flashing
    so I can hopefully confirm the observation- or be informed of any
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    Subject: Possible flashes from ISS/Soyuz?
    > An irregularly flashing object to around mag -2 was observed today 28
    > at 18:29 local (06:29 UTC) in the Northeastern sky after successful
    > of the ISS and TMA-2 at 0556 UTC.  The timing of the sighting  corresponds
    > with a predicted pass of ISS but also of Progress M-47 DK. Unfortunately
    > watch is giving problems so I cannot give an exact time of sighting or
    > timings.  ISS was due to enter the Earth's shadow at 18:30:24- I could not
    > observe the full pass owing to cloud overhead.
    > Is it likely that ISS/Soyuz would flash in this manner while in its
    > mode and configuration? (It was in orbit coast mode and still is at the
    > of sending this email.)  Or is it more likely that it was Progress M-47
    > If it was ISS this is probably one of the earliest sightings of the
    > craft as since leaving Kazakhstan the only other inhabited area the
    > passed over since docking appears to have been Papua-New Guinea.
    > Robert Holdsworth
    > Wainuiomata
    > New Zealand
    > 41.2610S, 174.9470E
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