Re: Meteors in Brazil

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Sun Apr 27 2003 - 07:56:00 EDT

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    The interesting reports about a dramatic meteor sighting over
    Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro ect.)with accustics effects
    at the early morning hours on 26 April may have an another explanation.
    On 26 April- around 05:50 UTC - we saw the decay of the rocket
    body of a Russian Proton launch: 2003-015B (#27776) over
    this region. The US SPACE CONTROL CENTER showed in its final
    message the decay on:
    26 April, 05:51 UTC +/- 07 minutes (23.0S, 314.0E).
    ascending over Brazil.
    This is within 3 minutes in good agreement with my own
    calculation. It shows for the reentry trajectory a high 
    elevation pass for Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro travelling
    SSW - NNO.
    The rocket body have a mass of 4200 kg and delivered in 
    the past some very impressive "fireworks".
    We can solve the question  "meteor or the decay"  very quick 
    with a more precise time information (please UTC !) from 
    Harro Zimmer
    Berlin, Germany
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