Superbird A for Friday 4/25

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Thu Apr 24 2003 - 14:55:56 EDT

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    Hi again,
    The predicted time for Leo's location was 03:26 UT on 4/24.  Leo's
    observations began at 3:24:04 and ran to 3:25:12 (when they were
    fading out).  Assuming the flashes were bright for roughly 6 minutes,
    the peak would have been around 3:22, so flashes are running 4 minutes
    early relative to my old axis.  Including this 4-minute correction,
    here are the predicted (UT) times for Friday morning, April 25th,
    assuming a 8-degree below the horizon cutoff for the sun:
    3:17  Morocco, Portugal, Ireland
    3:18  Morocco, Spain, Scotland
    3:19  Morocco, Spain, Normandie coast, England, Scotland (Edinburgh)
    3:20  Spain, western France, southern England (London)
    3:21  eastern Spain, central France (Paris)
    3:22  central France, Belgium, Netherlands
    3:23  eastern France, Luxembourg, northern Germany
    3:24  Monaco, Switzerland, southern Germany
    3:25  northern Italy, western Austria, southern Germany (Munich)
    3:26  northern Italy (Venice), Austria (Saltzburg)
    3:27  central Italy (Rome)
    3:28  southern Italy
    3:29  Sicily, boot of Italy
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