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From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Wed Apr 23 2003 - 21:48:38 EDT

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    I am ignorant about how to download onto computer a digital video of a solar
    transit that I taped. A student at school put in on CD and it does work at
    school on a MAC but it's a no go on a PC. I sent it to a friend and he said
    that neither QuickTime nor Windows Media Player would play it.
    Does anybody have experience with downloading digital movies onto the
    computer? There is a problem (other than the fact that my old computer isn't
    up to snuff for doing much of anything). That is, to see the station, which
    was pretty small and VERY fast, I have to go for a high resolution video
    which at only about 3 seconds still takes over 5 MB of space!
    I will ask the computer guy tomorrow about downloading a single image at a
    time and see if that can be assembled into a movie.
    Tom   Iowa   USA
    P.S. I read that looking at the ISS is like looking at a 747 jet. When I
    think of that and see how fast the transit across the sun occurred I am
    amazed at just how fast rocket propellant can get that hardware moving!
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