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Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 08:58:38 EDT

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    Hello seesat-l ,

    Just Launched

    With a one time investment of $149, you can get paid up
    to 6 cycles ($6,600) with no sponsoring requirement.

    If you recruit others, you get paid a lot more.

    Compensation Plan:

    - Company forced 2 x Infinity, filling left to right.

    - Silver Package (1 unit) $149
    - Gold Package ((3 units) $447
    (You may have up to 4 different Gold packages)

    Sell a Silver package = $25 fast start bonus
    Sell a Gold package = $75 fast start bonus.

    For every 3 units sold you receive a free position
    in the matrix, from which you earn all 6 cycles.

    6 cycles, paying as follows per unit:

    1) 2x2=4 units under you pays $55=$55
    2) 2x3=8 units under you pays $55+$110=$165
    3) 2x4=16 units under you pays $55+$110+$220=$385
    4) 2x5=32 units under you pays $55+$110+$220+$440=$825
    5) 2x6=64 units under you pays $55+$110+$220+$440+$880=$1705
    6) 2x7=128 units under you pays $55+$110+$220+$440+$880+$880+$880=$3465

    Total commission per unit = $6,600, no sponsoring required

    With No sponsoring required for cycle bonuses, no stated
    time frame on when cycles may happen but, obviously, the
    earlier one is in, the better.

    Cycles will be paid daily on your debit card.
    Same with all Fast Start bonuses. Production bonuses
    will be paid on your debit card on the 10th and 25th of
    every month. You can make $$$ and get paid $$$ your first
    day in this amazing program

    Production Bonuses: (Infinite Bonus)

    - 18 units sold = $3/unit till next person with 18 in your downline
    - 36 units sold = another $3/unit until the next 36 next person with 36
    - 36 personal units + total of 100 in 3 level downline = another $3/unit
    till the next person with 36-100 in your downline
    - 5 people under you with 36 and 100 makes you a "top leader" for an
    additional $3/unit production bonus.

    The product is Educational courses:
    - Computer Training, business courses,
    - Microsoft Certifications,
    - Home Schooling courses are going to be added to the system soon.

    Please click here for more info on how to join

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