Superbird for Tuesday morning, April 22

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Mon Apr 21 2003 - 19:09:36 EDT

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    Hi Ed and List,
    I haven't updated my Superbird A spin axis in quite a while, so consider
    the following times as approximate (+/- 15 minutes?) for early Tuesday
    morning in Europe (times are UTC):
    3:19  Portugal
    3:20  Spain, Ireland
    3:21  Spain, NW France, western England
    3:22  Spain, NW France, England (London), Scotland
    3:23  Spain, western France, SE England
    3:24  Central France (Paris), Belgium
    3:25  Eastern France, Belgium, Netherlands
    3:26  Monico, western Switzerland, Bavaria
    3:27  Northern Italy, eastern Switzerland, southern Germany
    3:28  Northern Italy (Venice, Florence)
    3:29  Central Italy (Rome)
    3:30  Sicily
    3:31  Sicily
    I used an 8-degree below the horizon sun elevation cutoff for these
    predictions -- obviously morning twilight will make observation
    difficult for the more easterly locations.
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