Re: Distribution of Geosynchronous Satellites

From: Sebastian Stabroth (
Date: Mon Apr 21 2003 - 10:11:29 EDT

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    > Any explanations about this phenomenon?
    the motion of a passive object in GEO is perturbed by the gravitational forces 
    of the Sun, the Moon, and the oblateness of the Earth. The combined effect is 
    that the orbital plane does a precession, where the inclination goes from 0 deg 
    to 15 deg and back to 0 deg in about 53 years. The RAAN goes from anywhere to 
    90 deg, moves to the equinox at max inclination and then towards -90 deg. Here 
    is a link to a page which describes this orbital behavior in more detail:
    Cheers, Sebastian
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