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Date: Sun Apr 20 2003 - 03:33:44 EDT

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    Ulhas Deshpande <> writes
    > I keep getting the 6 Apr page. Has the page not been updated or has it
    >shifted ?
    No, it has not moved and that is still the latest page.
    Two reasons:
    (a) There has been an unusual lull in decays since that time, with only 
    one debris decay. By my estimate, #27078 = 01- 49 W = TES PSLV deb W 
    decayed at about April 15.3, while SCC says it decayed on April 14.
    (b) I have just returned from a week away in London.
    I'll be updating the page shortly; SCC posted the first decay notice for 
    #27708 = 03- 11 B = Molniya 1T Platform (= casing) a couple of hours 
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