Re: Info for New Zealanders (especially in the Wellington area)

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 14:20:54 EDT

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    Conditions were not particularly good here because of mist.  The ISS was
    seen briefly as it passed close to Mars (a nice sight!) just after it
    reached Maximum Altitude.  Unfortunately I need a new watch battery but time
    of passing Mars appeared to be close enough to 5:45:30 as predicted.
    By the time of the first Iridium flare - Iridium 59 (predicted time
    5:46:59)- ISS was no longer visible. I was surprised to see this flare at
    all because of the misty cloud - predicted mag was -2 so may have been
    better than that.
    Second flare Iridium 94 at 5:50:14 not seen.
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
    41.26700S, 174.95000E
    (Prediction times quoted are from Heavens Above.)
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    > I am unsure whether there are subscribers in the Wellington (New Zealand)
    > area, but in case there are this is to draw attention to the fact that an
    > Iridium flare pair (Iridium 59 & 94) is predicted to coincide with an
    > overhead ISS pass tomorrow between 5:43 and 5:50 NZST (UTC + 12.)  I have
    > not posted exact times as they will of course vary according to exact
    > location and differ slightly using Calsky and Heavens Above, so best to
    > details from there or from other programs.
    > Fortunately the ISS exits in the Northeast and the flares are in the North
    > so it may be possible to at least view the second flare while keeping the
    > ISS in view (though loss of the ISS is about at that time.)
    > There are several other flares predicted for tomorrow as well - depends
    > source you use which ones are predicted- so it looks like an exciting
    > observing for flare chasers!
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