Lunar Transit - 02056E

From: Michael Gill (
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 18:49:37 EDT

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    02056E (27601) transited the Moon as seen from 52.4631N, 1.9522W at 21:33UT.
    I used a 203mm f/10 SCT and a 25mm eyepiece. This was my first lunar 
    transit, and the first time I'd seen a satellite that was in eclipse:,86
    Unlike the illusion Ed Cannon reported of the ISS appearing to go behind the 
    Moon, there was no doubt here which object was in the foreground as I could 
    only see the rocket body while it was silhouetted by the Moon:
    While waiting for it, I had so many "floaters" in my eye that I wondered if 
    I would be able to see anything at all, especially with the satellite being 
    at such a distance. However, when it crossed the lunar disc it almost felt 
    like it was too easy. Even as it shot past lunar mare it was noticeable.
    Tomorrow night, I'll have another chance with the same object on a Full 
    I'm looking forward to trying this with a larger, closer object like the 
    Michael Gill
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