... but what was that OTHER one?

From: P S Bharadhwaj (psbad1@sancharnet.in)
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 12:59:33 EDT

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    Noticed a satellite passing through Canis Minor and heading for Leo this
    evening (loc. Ahmedabad, India 23.03N, 72.546E).  Almost immediately, I
    spotted a  second satellite on almost the same course and trailing the first
    one. Both were about the same magnitude.
    The second was moving faster, and overtook the first one just as they passed
    within a degree of Eta-Leo. That was around 14:17:30 UTC.
    Being new to satellite tracking, the Heavens-Above page is about the only
    means I know to try and identify these two objects. That page shows a
    Symphonie 2 Rocket pass that matches my obs exactly. However, no other pass
    is listed that would correspond to the other object.
    Be glad to get any info about this obs.
    URL for Symphonie 2 pass:
    Praveen Bharadhwaj
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