Re: ISS solar transit on 4-15-03

From: Russ Bessom (
Date: Tue Apr 15 2003 - 03:20:01 EDT

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    Hi Tom, using this TLE:
    1 25544U 98067A   03105.27461242  .00041100  00000-0  34010-3 0  9017
    2 25544  51.6329 336.2421 0006040  22.0682 338.0732 15.58140717 11196
    This is my prediction using the SKY.  The pass is as you see it (see screen
    shot) going from right to left entering the suns disk approximately at the
    2:30 postion, and exiting at the 10:30 position.  The pass lasts  of a
    second.  It looks like it will cut right through the top 1/4 of the Sun's
    disk...Be quick!
    Let me know how it went!
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    Subject: ISS solar transit on 4-15-03
    > Hi,
    > I am planning on observing a solar transit by the ISS beginning at
    > PM Central Daylight Time (17:36:05 UTC) on April 15, 2003. The coordinates
    > of the spot on the college grounds where I am going to be set up is 92d
    > 44s W (-92.3288890 Longitude) and 42d 25m 47s N (42.4297220) Latitude.
    > altitude is about 900 feet above sea level.
    > I would appreciate having someone else verify my predictions using the
    > latest TLEs which I would like to see listed in any response.
    > Thanks!
    > Tom   Iowa   USA
    > P.S. What website/s are good for a quick understanding about why
    > seem to vary in their direction across the sky and so on. If I had a
    > and a globe or the equivalent on the Net I might finally grasp what it is
    > that is happening up there! I would also like to be able to describe how
    > cycling of the ISS from evening sky to no appearance to morning sky is
    > predictable. I need to sound somewhat knowledgeable to a person that is
    > interviewing me about this event. :~)
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