ISS solar transit on 4-15-03

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 17:40:26 EDT

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    I am planning on observing a solar transit by the ISS beginning at 12:36:05
    PM Central Daylight Time (17:36:05 UTC) on April 15, 2003. The coordinates
    of the spot on the college grounds where I am going to be set up is 92d 19m
    44s W (-92.3288890 Longitude) and 42d 25m 47s N (42.4297220) Latitude.  The
    altitude is about 900 feet above sea level.
    I would appreciate having someone else verify my predictions using the
    latest TLEs which I would like to see listed in any response.
    Tom   Iowa   USA
    P.S. What website/s are good for a quick understanding about why satellites
    seem to vary in their direction across the sky and so on. If I had a string
    and a globe or the equivalent on the Net I might finally grasp what it is
    that is happening up there! I would also like to be able to describe how the
    cycling of the ISS from evening sky to no appearance to morning sky is
    predictable. I need to sound somewhat knowledgeable to a person that is
    interviewing me about this event. :~)
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