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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 02:19:44 EDT

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    Mike McCants wrote regarding ISS:
    > It almost exactly bisected the moon
    Me too!  Given bright moonlight and a lot of jetstream
    cirrus (with a halo around the Moon a lot of the time 
    as it turned out), we didn't go to BCRC.  I went to the 
    grounds of the Elizabet Ney Museum, about a four-minute 
    walk from my apartment.  For a few years I've been 
    using these for its coordinates:  30.307N, 97.727W, 150m.
    I saw ISS heading towards the Moon and kept thinking it 
    would miss it, but when it became obvious it would 
    probably transit it, I got the binoculars on it and 
    attempted to click the beginning and end of the transit 
    and got these times, plus or minus about 0.05 using WWV:
    1:56:56.70 April 14 - begin transit
    1:56:57.56 - end transit
    To me there was an illusion that it went behind the Moon, 
    as seen with my binocs.  As to the entire pass, I first 
    caught sight of it at about 1:54:20, and it disappeared 
    behind a cloud and/or entered eclipse at about 1:58:06.6.
    Other one-power objects Sunday evening, in spite of the 
    24966 97-056B Iridium 35 (solar-panel flare)
    26405 00-039B CHAMP (flaring object?)
    20967 90-104B Cosmos 2106 Rk
    24967 97-056C Iridium 36 (MMA flare)
    23088 94-023B Cosmos 2278 Rk
    Molniya 1-92 Rk (27709, 03-011C) was very easy to 
    see with the binoculars and probably would have been 
    visible one-power with better sky conditions.  It 
    went near alpha and beta CMa (Sirius, and Mirzam or 
    Saturday evening (local time) we had a very low, fast
    pass of MDS 1 (27368, 02-003B).  It was flashing to 
    at least +2 at the brightest, but I did not come up 
    with an obvious flash period, with these clicks:
    36.94, 8.45, 17.87, 7.18, 19.00, .99, 12.68, 28.45,
    14.34, 14.75, 13.19
    Thirteen one-power objects on Saturday evening:
    10967 78-064A Seasat
    13242 82-051B Cosmos 1371 Rk
    13272 82-059B Cosmos 1378 Rk
    19822 89-016A Akebono (flash period 2 seconds)
    20433 90-004B Cosmos 2056 Rk
    20580 90-037B HST
    24965 97-056A Iridium 19 (MMA flare)
    25262 98-018A Iridium 51? (MMA and solar-panel flares)
    25263 98-018B Iridium 61 (MMA and solar-panel flares)
    25544 98-067A ISS
    25860 99-039A Okean O
    27368 02-003B MDS 1
    27369 02-003C MDS 1 Fairing 1 (brief pass into eclipse)
    Akebono PPAS:
    89-016 A 03-04-13 01:55:29.4 EC   51.8 0.3  26  1.99  +3->inv
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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