RE: ISS Lunar Transit Tonight

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 19:58:59 EDT

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    Hi Thomas,
    I used the same TLE as you this time, so we have a means of comparing
    numbers.  Your lines are getting split up by the ~75-character line
    limit, so I've just extracted the times, lats and longs for comparison.
    My predictions are for sea-level, so I've used your sea-level values
    as well.  (Observer altitude in this case, and indeed most cases,
    makes very little difference).  All dates are 2003/4/11, times UTC:
                                                      Rob - Tom
    UTC Time Rob Lat  Rob Long   Tom Lat  Tom Long   dLat  dLong
    -------- -------  --------   -------  --------   ----  -----
    1:31:25  41.9302  -86.5943   41.9024  -86.6092  .0278  .0149  
    1:31:30  41.7282  -86.2397   41.7010  -86.2550  .0272  .0153
    1:31:35  41.5251  -85.8873   41.4984  -85.9031  .0267  .0158
    So my track is roughly 3.02 km north and 1.27 km east of Tom's, a
    two-mile discrepancy that is roughly perpendicular to the transit
    track.  Unfortunately, this discrepancy is enough to turn a "hit" into
    a miss.  I'm confident ISS will transit the upper quarter of the Moon
    as seen from the coordinates Thomas provided -- I guess we'll know
    for sure in a couple hours... --Rob
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