Some sort of burn?

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 03:58:05 EST

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    This is from the newsgroup.  The time was 2:30 April 3 
    UTC, location central Kentucky, USA:
    > Any rocket launches this evening (Wednesday April 2) 
    > that would have involved a Barium release?  Around 
    > 8:30 PM EST, I noticed a fairly bright cloud-like 
    > glow in the SE part of the sky.  It grew in size over 
    > the next 15 minutes or so, before dissapating.  This 
    > was observed from central KY.
    Cloudy here tonight, although before it clouded up I 
    managed to see eight LEOs from outside the office.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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