Grace Flares

From: Jari (
Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 01:54:50 EDT

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    Despite twilight conditions, sun angle -10 deg, i looked for GRACE 1 #27391
    02012A and GRACE 2 #27392 02012B at 1x. I spotted a brief flare with an
    orange tint to the North and if correct, a second flare would follow a short
    time later indicating that it was indeed the GRACE pair. At  04:46:21 30 Apr
    UTC +/- 3 sec a mag 3 flare became visible at roughly the same spot, Az 18
    deg El 35 deg. It was GRACE 2 and it had the same orange tint to it. Each
    lasted only about 2 sec but long enough to see under the poor lighting
    conditions. I then had to use my 10x50s to follow GRACE 2 as it went by on
    the Mizar side of Alkaid in Ursa Major. Although i thought it was #1 at
    first so i waited at Alkaid for #2 to show up to get a seperation timing so
    i didn't follow the object when it travelled to the South. This was my first
    'Eastern' observation of the GRACE duo, all the others have been to the
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