Re: Much ado about a NOSS triangle

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Date: Sat Apr 27 2002 - 12:24:28 EDT

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    I wonder, had you provided a prediction for possible future viewing of the
    same phenomenon, would she think you were in communication w/ the
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    > I wrote her as well, describing how she could find the observation
    > data with heavens-above. Given that she does not seem to very
    > proficient in doing the related calculations herself, I don't think
    > that she will be convinced from TLE's ...
    > However, she replied that she doesn't understand the table with the
    > observation dates at the URL I gave her! I offered a lengthy
    > description of how this table is to be deciphered. Hopefully she will
    > get it now.
    > (On the other hand, maybe she will distrust heavens-above, since the
    > information is so easily available and fits so well. For some UFO
    > nuts, this can't be.) 
    > I keep you updated on further replies to that.
    > Clear skies to all of you, 
    > Marko.
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