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Date: Sat Apr 27 2002 - 11:24:56 EDT

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    Sue Wheatley wrote The Astronomical League's observing program
    for Earth Orbiting Satellites:
    > I've done many of their 
    > other observing programs and learned a lot, so I thought I 
    > would try the Satellite program.  Turns out one cannot use a 
    > NOSS tandem sighting for the program.   The administrator 
    > apologized that it is "my problem, Sue, not yours."  The a
    > dministrator must verify that your sighting is real, and he 
    > can't verify something he can't admit is there?
    Looks like a worthwhile program:
    I see that the administrator is in the Colorado Springs area,
    which leads me to suspect that he may have some ties to
    the folks who track these things for a living. Let' see what 
    google turns up. Here's something from 1999:
    My response was:
    Anyway, the Astronomical League does appear to have a good program,
    and their exclusion of U.S. spy sats is understandable given their
    Ted Molczan
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