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    For those interested,
    gives you the specifics on subject observing program.
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    > The Astronomical League has an observing program for Earth Orbiting
    > Satellites.  One logs Iridium flares, Shuttle, tandem flights, etc. and
    > after completing their program, you receive a certificate and a pin.  I've
    > done many of their other observing programs and learned a lot, so I
    > I would try the Satellite program.  Turns out one cannot use a NOSS tandem
    > sighting for the program.   The administrator apologized that it is "my
    > problem, Sue, not yours."  The administrator must verify that your
    > is real, and he can't verify something he can't admit is there?  Oh, well,
    > so I just have to calculate more tandem sightings and have clear skies.
    > isn't so bad.
    > ---sue
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