From: Sue Wheatley (
Date: Sat Apr 27 2002 - 10:47:20 EDT

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    The Astronomical League has an observing program for Earth Orbiting
    Satellites.  One logs Iridium flares, Shuttle, tandem flights, etc. and
    after completing their program, you receive a certificate and a pin.  I've
    done many of their other observing programs and learned a lot, so I thought
    I would try the Satellite program.  Turns out one cannot use a NOSS tandem
    sighting for the program.   The administrator apologized that it is "my
    problem, Sue, not yours."  The administrator must verify that your sighting
    is real, and he can't verify something he can't admit is there?  Oh, well,
    so I just have to calculate more tandem sightings and have clear skies. That
    isn't so bad.
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