RE: Much ado about a NOSS triangle

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 22:02:53 EDT

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    Starparty wrote:
    > I told the author essentially the same thing yesterday. I've 
    > neither received a response nor has the page been updated 
    > with the information. I don't think we told her something she 
    > wanted to hear. My guess is that she will conveniently ignore 
    > and completely discount the information that has been 
    > provided about the true nature of her sighting. The way the 
    > page reads I imagine that the only identification that would 
    > satisfy her would be one of extraterrestrial origin.
    I am more optimistic. They did consider the possibility of a formation
    of satellites, and actually contacted someone connected with the Cluster
    satellites in an effort to determine whether or not that was what they
    I am finishing up a detailed analysis, which I will send to the author
    of the article shortly.
    Like Starparty, I will offer to provide predictions of future NOSS
    Ted Molczan
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