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Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 00:16:20 EDT

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    Concerning the sighting of NOSS, this was said,
    Deanna Ming, TV Studio Tech, Memphis, Tennessee: [[["I think it was
    something alien]]]. It was a beautiful sighting, it wasn't frightening. ....
    And I'm really glad I saw it. [[[I would really love to understand more of
    what was going on. I think it was something that was attempting to be
    hidden, but maybe we were supposed to see it. I'm not
    ure."]]]  ----Emphasis mine.
    Steven Kuelbs, Maintenance Engineer, Wood River, Illinois: [[["It was very
    exhilarating in that moment. I never felt so alive! I was witness to
    something special and adrenaline was going through my veins! I wanted to see
    Think we ought to invite them to join SeeSat?  ;~)  (~;
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    Subject: Much ado about a NOSS triangle
    > There's a frantic UFO report by eight eyewitnesses of what's
    > really a NOSS triangle sighting at the following Web site
    > (Note that some of the language in it may be offensive to
    > some.):  It's titled, 'Triangle Formation of Moving "Stars"
    > Over Dover, Arkansas' and includes a video capture photo of
    > the three satellites:
    > Thanks to Jim O. for making us aware of this!
    > Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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