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From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 04:13:17 EDT

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    At 10:06 25/04/02, Pinizzotto,Russell wrote:
    >The reason for these details is that the satellites were BRIGHT!
    >Heavens-Above predicted mag 7.0 for both of them.  In actuality, they were
    >unaided eye objects at about the same mag as beta-Aur, which is 1.9!  Is
    >this normal for this pair of satellites?  
    Russell and others,
    The Grace satellites are prisms 1942mm wide at base and 3142mm long.
    They are Nadir orientated with solar panels on the top and the
    sloping sides with the long length orientated along the direction of motion.
    I cannot find the angle of the sides to the base
    from the information on the WWW. It looks like 60 degrees. I dont think
    the sides can give glints though. I am sure other list members can confirm this.
    The visual brightness of these satellites might 
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