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From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 01:36:48 EDT

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    I watched for the same satellites two days in a row sometime after 10PM CDT
    and haven't seen them yet! I  was using my night vision scope both times.
    NE Iowa
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    > I watched GRACE 1 followed aapproximately 22 sec later by GRACE 2 (which
    > agrees with a previous posting today about the separation) last night here
    > in Northwestern Missouri.  The pass was from the north to the west,
    > above Perseus and then along the side of Auriga at approximately 03:51 UT
    > 24 April (22:51 CDT, 23 April).  My location is 40.35 N and 94.97 W at 330
    > m.
    > The reason for these details is that the satellites were BRIGHT!
    > Heavens-Above predicted mag 7.0 for both of them.  In actuality, they were
    > unaided eye objects at about the same mag as beta-Aur, which is 1.9!  Is
    > this normal for this pair of satellites?
    > It was almost as good a pairing as watching the ISS and Shuttle last week
    > from a brightly lit parking lot.  I'm glad I stayed to watch.  I almost
    > decided to wait and see them on another day.
    > Best Regards,
    > Russ Pinizzotto
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