double iridium flare

From: Peter Kok (
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 15:18:07 EDT

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    Hello there
    I'm new to this list, so let me tell you about me a bit. I had been watching 
    Mir and ISS passings a few years when my attention was drawn to about two years ago. Then I mainly got addicted to 
    watching iridium flares, but when the sky is really clear I'll also watch 
    other satellites. I also have some other astronomy experience like timing 
    lunar occultations and recording sunspots.
    I came across this mailing list when I was looking for an answer to my 
    question: "What did I see?" So let me describe you what I saw.
    When I was out to see iridium 10 flare on Friday 19 April, 20:18:25 UT, I 
    saw a double flare. I saw a flare at about 20:18:18, thinking it was iridium 
    10, flaring early. I noticed it was quite bright, about magnitude -3. When 
    it was quickly fading, I noticed another object. This object, which flared 
    at 20:18:25, flared in about the same place as the first. I assume this was 
    iridium 10 as predicted (my watch was accurately set of course). This one 
    still was a bit brighter than the predicted magnitude -1.
    Some other data: I am at 51.983N, 4.467E. The predicted flare was at 
    azimuth: 353 degrees, height: 18 degrees. The prediction was from
    So now I ask: "What did I see?" I read something about iridiums flaring 
    twice, but I really think I saw two distinct objects.
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