Successful ISS solar transit obs

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 18:47:37 EDT

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    Hi Ralph, Russell and List,
    I want to congratulate Ralph and Russell for their successful
    (and safe!) observations of ISS transiting the sun on Saturday
    and Monday, respectively.  You've joined a very select list of
    people that can claim this accomplishment:
    1.  Ron Dantowitz - Space Shuttle (at least twice)
    2.  Marek Kozubal - Space Shuttle (at least twice)
    3.  Ron Lee - ISS (twice)
    4.  Ralph McConahy - ISS
    5.  Russell Pinizzotto - ISS
    My records indicate that a Belgian satellite observer has
    also observed a solar transit, either by Mir or the Shuttle,
    but I have no further data.  (Perhaps if Bruno Tilgner is
    lurking, he can chime in on this.)  If I've left anyone
    off, please speak up so I can update my records!
    The next challenge is for someone to observe a silhouette
    transit of ISS across a full (or nearly full) moon.  I don't
    believe anyone has done this yet.  At least in this case
    there's no danger of retinal damage.
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