Re: Transit of the sun. RE: SAFE SOLAR VIEWING

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 18:36:43 EDT

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    I recently did some Internet research regarding safety and transmittance of
    various materials that people use to view the sun with. I am sharing the
    URLs with you here.
    This is the best article I found.
    "Solar Filters Time for an International Standard" by
    Courtesy of B. Ralph Chou, MSc, OD
    I strongly recommend reading the part of the article above called "Retinal
    Burns" It gives nonarbitrary figures that have true meaning in the debate of
    "what is safe."
    Finally, at "Laser
    Bioeffects & Non-Beam Hazards" is some very informative information relating
    to eye damage as caused by light sources.
    Safe viewing!
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