Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 15:40:55 EDT

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    The following sightings were made during an observation session for the Lyrid 
    meteor shower. All sightings were confirmed on Heavens Above. All sightings 
    were made at the following location: 39deg 11min N  119deg 45min W 
    Meteor 1-4 rocket  
    USSPACECOM Catalog No.: 4394                                                  
                             Int. Designation Code: 1970-037-B.
    This object was seen transiting Vega(a)Lyr. It produced no flares. Est. 
    visible magnitude was +6. The object was sighted at 04:38 PDT(11:38UT)
    Cosmos 1093 rocket
    USSPACECOM Catalog No.: 11332
    Int. Designation Code: 1979-032-B
    This object passed approx. 4deg west of Vega(a)Lyr. It was reddish in color. 
    Est visible magnitude +4. the object flared once to magnitude+1. Visible pass 
    duration was approx.10 seconds. The object was sighted at 04:50 PDT(11:50UT)
    Cosmos 1939 rocket
    USSPACECOM Catalog No.: 19046
    Int. Designation Code: 1988-032-B
    This object passed approx. 0.5deg west of Vega(a)Lyr. Est. visible magnitude 
    was +1. the object flared once to magnitude -1. Visible pass duration was 
    approx. 8.0 seconds. The object was sighted at 04:52PDT(11:52UT)
    I am what might be considered a casual satellite observer, so one can imagine 
    the excitement I felt at seeing three satellite passes on the same area 
    within less than a 15 minute span. Especially when it was not expected!!!
    Clear, dark skies to all,
    Robert Morgan
    Carson City, Nevada USA
    39deg 11min N  119deg 45min W
    elev. 1430m(4700ft)
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