Solar Transit ofthe ISS

From: Pinizzotto,Russell (
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 14:49:49 EDT

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    On Friday, Rob Matson told me that I might be able to see a solar transit of
    the ISS about 18 miles SE of my location.  When I checked with the new ISS
    tle, it turned out that I could see it from my driveway!
    So I set up my venerable RV-6 with a Baader solar filter and saw it FLASH
    across the sun about 1 sec later than predicted using The Sky and the newest
    tle.  Fantastic!  I don't know the odds of seeing a similar sight again from
    the driveway of my house and having it clear at the same time, so I'm glad I
    took off at lunch to do it.  This is one advantage of living in a small
    Thanks, Rob!
    Clear Skies,
    94.87191 W
    11:52:58 am CDT
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