What satellites did I see?

From: Mike Boschat (aa063@chebucto.ns.ca)
Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 22:02:14 EDT

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     I just happened to look out my window and noted 2 satellites, one following the
    other by about 2-3 seconds. Both were going north to south. The 1st one
    was about mag 3 and faded then brightened back to mag 3 for a second.
     About 2-3 seconds later the 2nd satellite came at about the same magnitude
    but faded and was no visible after that.
     I looked at a satellite page but it listed satellite till only 0000 UT so
    I could not find out which ones they were.
     Any help would be appreciated.
    Observed them at 0147 UT from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  
    at Lat=  N44d 39m 
       Long= W63d 36m
    Clear skies
    Michael Boschat
    Halifax Center - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada 
    Astronomy page:  http://www.atm.dal.ca/~boschat
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