Re: Transit of the sun by ISS from SoCal, Nevada, etc.

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Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 14:49:46 EDT

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    Tom Wagner wrote:
    > Hey Brian,
    > Is it possible to tell me where you got a map like that and what you did to
    > put the line on it? Like how did you know that the two places that you chose
    > on the map were exactly in the right positions? I may have more questions.
    > Thanks!
    > Tom
    > Iowa
    I used maps generated online at the US Census Bureau web page at:
    This site allows you to put in precise decimal coordinates and to
    place a marker on the map.
    I then used an image editing programs' screen capture function to
    copy the series of images as I panned from one location to the other
    and manually stitched them together. Since on the two end locations
    I selected to have a marker placed at the two coordinates it was
    then a simple matter to just draw a line between the two dots.
    It's a bit of work but for that kind of detail online for free....
    In anycase, I just came in from watching and failed to see anything.
    Could be many reasons why, most likely I may be too far off the
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