re: end of era

From: Anthony M. Planinac (
Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 11:28:54 EDT

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    Being fortunate to have worked for a short time on a part of the Titan
    IV program, I can say that this will later be shown to be a mistake.
    Some day in the future some "expert" individual or panel will come to
    say that we "need" the heavy-lift capability that the Titan program
    gives us. I remember after the Saturn 5 capability was lost that
    "experts" later said "We need the Saturn 5", well, that program
    cancellation was yet another mistake.
    I say we keep that capability in place. Rather than limit our options,
    we should build on them, retaining capability while evolving. This
    latest generation of experts who feel that smaller satellites are the
    way to go are in vogue now, but will they be in 5 years?
    Tony Planinac
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