Re: Transit of the sun by ISS from SoCal, Nevada, etc.

From: Skywise (
Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 00:22:10 EDT

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    "Matson, Robert" wrote:
    > Hi All,
    > The International Space Station is going to transit the sun on Saturday
    > morning, April 20th, as seen from a narrow swath of land in southern
    > California, southern Nevada, the very northwest corner of Arizona, and
    > Perhaps someone with software capable of overlaying a detailed
    > map with connected waypoints could do so with the above points.
    > 11:38:30   33.9283   -118.0409
    > 11:38:35   34.1663   -117.7596
    I have taken the time to plot the path between the two above waypoints
    which are close to my location in Bellflower, CA. This section of the
    path passes through or near the following cities:
    Signal Hill
    Long Beach
    Santa Fe Springs
    A map is available at the follwong URL:
    WARNING!!! It is a large image of 2048x1600 pixels and about
    230K. It's large to show street level details. Loading it in a
    browser will only show a black screen as only the immediate path
    area has any detail and all you are seeing is the upper left
    corner. The rest is just a black background.
    I will attempt to observe the transit via solar projection with my
    6" Newt from my location just north of the path in Bellflower.
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